“Very impressed with the beach, clean with beautiful surroundings and good for kids too”
- Dr. Stefan Danerek, PhD in Indonesian Literature and currently compiling a Swedish beach guide

Waterfall & Nature Reserve

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In the mountains behind Rumah Joglo there is a beautiful waterfall accompanied by fresh water swimming holes. The water fall gushes down 10 meter into a deep water pool. You can easily view the waterfall from the top. A small track takes you down and you can view the water fall from underneath and take a swim provided the water flow is not too strong. Sometimes brave youngsters can be seen jumping into the water hole from the top in spectacular fashion.

The easiest way to get there is to drive to the ranger station and then do the 30-45 min walk up to the waterfall. For the adventurous you can also follow the river up stream to a wonderful little gorge that snakes through the mountain. This can only be done when the water is low during the dry season. You can also hire a guide at the ranger station and do an extended walk up to the top of the mountain where the views over the ocean are spectacular.


To get to the waterfall drive south from Rumah Joglo 3.5km and turn left up a small road which appears just after Marina Lippo Carita. As you turn off the main road you will pass through a large gate. On the posts of the gate are written the words Air Terjun and Penginapan. Follow this road for 500 meters to a road junction with a sign saying Curug Gendang, take left and follow the road up to the ranger station and parking area which is 1.8km from this point. You need to pay a modest parking and park entrance fee.

The track starts out as a small road but soon you will find yourself on a rocky track which winds it’s way through the lush rain forest. Important to have suitable foot wear especially if the ground is a bit wet. Good walking sandals are ideal.

There is a small warung at the water fall and is normally open if the weather is nice. They sell tea, coffee, biscuits, sweets, water, and cooked instant noodles. Bring water, money for parking, swimming costumes and a towel.